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Micromath Products:

  • Scientist 3.0

  • Chemist 1.03

  • PKAnalyst 1.10

Libraries for Scientist:

  • Chemical Kinetics

  • Diffusion

  • Pharmacokinetics

Scientist for Windows 3.0 is a general mathematical modeling and data analysis application. It is specifically designed to fit model equations to experimental data. Other programs focus on technical graphics, symbolic manipulation, matrix operations or worksheets for engineering calculations. Scientist incorporates all these elements, but its primary function is fitting equations to experimental data. Scientist can fit almost any mathematical model from the simplest linear functions to complex systems of differential equations, non-linear algebraic equations or models expressed as Laplace transforms. If you need to fit experimental data to mathematical models, you won't find a better tool than Scientist for Windows! Libraries of mathematical models for Chemical Kinetics, Diffusion and Pharmacokinetics can be purchased separately.

Examples of Scientists in:

  • Chemistry
  • Data Analysis / Fitting
  • Differential Equations
  • Implicit Equations
  • Laplace Transforms
  • Kinetics
  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Physics

Chemist is a program for chemical equilibrium calculations. The program uses a simple Windows interface where you specify the compounds and their quantities that make up the solution of interest. These compounds are selected from a large database provided with the program and the quantities can be entered in many of units of either mass or concentration. Once the solution has been entered, you simply press a "solve" button and the program will perform the calculations and display the results in a spreadsheet. These results include molar concentrations and activity coefficients for all species in the solution, as well as pH, ionic strength, buffer capacity and estimated density.

PKAnalyst for Windows is designed to simulate and perform parameter estimation for pharmacokinetic models. With over two dozen built-in models, it can calculate micro rate constants for compartmental models, analyze saturable (Michaelis-Menton) kinetics, handle bolus and zero/first order input for finite and infinite time periods, and produce concentration/effect Sigmoid-Emax diagrams. Parameter estimation, statistical data analysis, and publication quality graphics can be obtained with just a few mouse clicks. PKAnalyst makes analysis of pharmacokinetic data easy!


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