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- Econometrics & Financial services

- Statistics & Health Economics services

- Risk Management & Simulation services

East Asia Training & Consultancy Pte Ltd aims to help clients gain a competitive advantage by exploiting the links between statistical, financial, econometric, operational research and mathematical forecasting and modeling and the advances in technology and software.

East Asia Training & Consultancy Pte Ltd aims to work closely with software developers and academic associates¡¯ experts in the relevant fields to provide thoroughly researched and professionally delivered solutions to our clients.

Our Econometrics & Financial Consulting services include:

Outsourced Forecasting Department. For organizations with limited forecasting requirements, we function as an outsourced forecasting department. This service allows the client to benefit from experienced forecasters without the need to invest in additional staff, training or specialized software. We bring expert knowledge and experience to each project, thereby dramatically reducing the learning curve and allowing clients to benefit immediately from our services.

Design & Installation of In-house Forecasting Department. We identify client specific needs, design an appropriate forecasting process, implemented the program across multiple departments and train staff as needed.

Appraisal and Economic Analysis. We provide forecast appraisal and economic analysis services designed to assist end users such as managers, senior executives, board members and others who depend upon quality financial and economic forecasts in their decision-making process. We review in-house or externally generated financial and economic forecasts as an independent unbiased party on behalf of the end user. We assess the quality of the forecast, which enables the decision-maker to better understand the risks associated with the forecast.

Forecast Audit. For companies that have an existing forecast process in place, we offer a forecast audit service. We review current processes and make recommendations, which may enable the client to increase forecast accuracy, improve the efficiency of the current forecast process and limit existing or potential forecast bias.

Our Statistics & Health Economics Consulting services include:

EATC consultancy service offers one-stop centre for researchers who need study design, statistical and data management expertise. Our experienced members aid researchers in the design and analysis of clinical trials and observational studies, and in statistical analysis.

We work closely with researchers from many different fields, including researchers in basic science, those who test the safety, efficacy and effectiveness of new drugs and devices, and those who conduct observational studies to identify and detect risk factors for diseases.

We offer a number of services to researchers, including:

  • Expertise in implementation stage including study design, data management, biostatistical analysis, design and analysis of clinical trials, statistical genetics and statistical computing
  • Access to physical facilities, equipment and computational resources
  • Protocol with external stakeholders
  • Application for ethics & grant applications

        Our Risk Management & Simulation Consulting services include:

Our Risk Management and Simulation Consulting Services provides simulation modelling to improve the quality of decisions in petroleum, healthcare, logistics and finance.

Oil and gas
  • Improve acquisition and divestiture
  • Optimize asset management
  • Increase upstream profitability
  • Recognize and value real options

Healthcare and hospital management

  • Optimize resource reallocations
  • Analyze alternative work processes
  • Test the effect of alternative layouts
  • Address risks and vulnerabilities
  • Forecast the impacts of co-location

Logistics and manufacturing

  • Process optimization
  • Integrated decision supports

Banking and finance

  • Optimize resource reallocations
  • Improve credit and liquidity risk management

Clients who recommended our services:

"Thank you for arranging the one-on-one session for me. I found the session very helpful as the trainer was able to guide me through the mathematical concepts behind the statistical analysis in addition to deciphering what type of methods is applicable to my area of research. This type of coaching is actually more useful for me than a classroom setting as my questions are addressed directly and contextually." - Winnie Lee, Principal Clinical Pharmacist, Singapore General Hospital

"You have got a fantastic and exhaustive list of training programs for people who want to learn Statistics, Econometrics & Simulation. The software selection for training these subjects apart from the standard softwares is even more great." - Amamath, Statistician, Bangalore, India

"The course has way exceeded our expectations. The instructor is a highly qualified trainer with his years  of experience as a Stata programmer, and more importantly, he teaches well. Our MTI folks  have  benefited greatly from the 4 day workshop. Thank you very much." - Thia Jang Ping, Lead  Economist, Economics & Strategy Division, Ministry of Trade & Industry

"This is an excellent model! I thank you and your management for your assistance and please note that we would like to work with you more in the future." - Paul James, Questor Capital Ltd

"Thanks very much for your kind & great help as well as for your fast & efficient customer service. I greatly appreciate it." - Dr. Khin Lay Wai, National Health Care, Singapore

"Again, I can't thank you enough for the  outstanding customer support." - Luis Alberto F. Mendoza, Financial Analyst, PHILEX Mining Corporation, Philippines

"I would like to say how much I appreciate your professional service and admire that you have not given up for the obstacles of our processes." - Patcharin Srisawat, Head of Policy and Planning Division, Faculty of Economics, Chiang Mai University, Thailand

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For enquiries on our Consultancy   services, please email us at: consultancy@eastasiatc.com.sg



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