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Below is the list of training courses, classified according to subjects and software.

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Econometrics & Financial
Business Forecasting using Forecast Pro
RATS Programming & its Applications to Econometrics
GAUSS for Finance &Economics
Macroeconometric & Financial Modeling with GAUSS
Time Series Modeling with GAUSS
Cross Sectional & Panel Data using Stata
Stata for Beginners
Stata Basics : Data Management
Time Series & Forecasting using Stata
Advanced Quantitative Methods using Stata
Microeconometrics using Stata
Statistical Methods for research using Stata
Asia Stata Pprogramme
Survey & Panel Data Analysis with Stata
Stata for Research & Public Policy
Computational Finance & Financial Econometrics with Excel
Applied Financial Forecasting with Excel and VBA
Advanced Excel Modelling Techniques
Business Forecasting using Excel
Econometrics using EViews
Time Series Econometrics Using Eviews
Econometrics for non-Econometicians with EViews
Applied Econometrics EViews
Financial Econometrics EViews
Macroeconometric & Financial Modeling Using Eviews
Advanced Econometric Methods using EViews
Asia EViews Programme
Asia EViews Bootcamp
Time Series Forecasting using R- program
Basel III Masterclass
Financial Modeling using S-PLUS and S +Finmetrics
Statistics & Health Economics
Healthcare Analysis using Treeage
Stata for Beginners
Biostatistics & Epidemiology Analysis using Stata
Meta Analysis using Stata
Applied Survival Analysis using Stata
Multilevel and Longitudinal Modeling Using Stata
Regression Models for Categorical Dependent Variables using Stata
Stata Basics : Data Management
Advanced Quantitative Methods using Stata
The Practice of Health Economics using Stata
Statistical Methods for research using Stata
Asia Stata Programme
Survey & Panel Data Analysis with Stata
Statistical Analysis using S-PLUS  
Spatial Data Analysis using S-PLUS and S+SpatialStats
Statistics I
Statistics II
Statistics III
Pharmacoeconomics I
Pharmacoeconomics II
Pharmacoeconomics III
Introduction to Descriptive Statisticnew
Cost of Illness studies : What room in health economics? new
Introduction to Health Economics new
Cost of illness studies: what is good about them? new
Statistics using Excel new
Health Economics Evaluation: Assessing the Costs and Benefits new
Risk Management & Simulation
Discrete Event Simulation in Logistics using ExtendSim
IGrafx Flow Charter
IGrafx Process
IGrafx Process for Six Sigma
Introduction & Advanced Crystal Ball
Oil & Gas ModelingusingCrystalball
Certified Risk Management (CRM)
Basel III Masterclass
Risk Management I
Risk Management II
Risk Management III

One of East Asia Training & Consultancy Pte Ltd main activities is the organization of training courses and workshops designed to help professionals to grow and develop their existing skills.

The majority of these training courses and workshops are in statistics, macroeconomics, econometrics, finance, health economics, biomedical or mathematical fields. EATC training courses provide opportunities to hear and learn from leading industry figures who share insights on tropical issues relevant to practitioners, to network with our peers and to earn credit points for our future training courses. The high quality of the training ensures that participants are kept current on the latest developments in the respective fields.

Our training courses & workshops are of four types:

  • Public
  • On-site
  • Certified
  • E-webinar

The Public training courses and workshops are intensive and include case studies and hands-on applications built around the most popular software in the statistics, macroeconomics, econometrics, operational research or mathematical fields. These public training workshops are conducted at our training centres. There are limited seats for our public training courses.

The On-site training courses and workshops consist of professional development courses customized to the clientsĄŻ requirements and modeling needs. These courses are usually held at the clientsĄŻ offices.

Standard On-Site Training
Each year, we conduct a number of on-site training programs for multi-national corporations, government agencies, universities and other organizations across Asia.

Key Benefits

  • Get your users up to speed quickly
  • Facilitates software deployment
  • Encourages more teamwork
  • Increases software adoption rate
  • Reduces travel time & costs

Our standard on-site training may be appropriate for your organization if you have five or more students for training and have a training or classroom environment equipped with computers or laptops. (We recommend one student per computer, but a ratio of two students per computer is acceptable.) We charge a flat rate for up to five students and a per person rate for each additional student. Filling the class reduces your per student cost. We typically limit class size to fifteen students. We will work with you before the training to make sure all the attendees are equipped with the correct version of the software and have the necessary computer requirements.

Customized On-site Training
We can customize our standard training courses and tailor them to your specific needs and model requirements. These courses can be hosted at your site or country, reducing your travel time and costs. Alternatively, you can share the costs with another organization and host them at a neutral location.

If your company or organization would be interested in an on-site (standard or customized) training program, please e-mail us at and someone will respond to your request within 24 hours.

The Certified courses provide more comprehensive coverage on professional & specialized areas for both public and private sector professionals. These certified courses are brought to you in association with our academic and associate partners in USA & Europe.

If you are interested in any other training courses or workshops which are currently not on our training calendar, please email us at:


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