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TreeAge Pro 2019 is now available!

TreeAge Pro
TreeAge Pro empowers even casual users to build and analyze sophisticated analytical models in an accelerated timeframe. If you are an experienced analyst, you will be comfortable using TreeAge Pro following a quick review of its software commands. If you have no experience or only limited knowledge of decision analysis principles, TreeAge Pro will speed your learning process.

TreeAge Pro is a sophisticated yet highly user-friendly software package that facilitates decision making in the face of complexity and uncertainty.

TreeAge Pro provides a systematic methodology and framework for understanding a problem, identifying available options, evaluating options in the context of associated uncertainties, and developing strategies which maximize the likelihood of success while minimizing unacceptable levels of risk.


Create decision trees, influence diagrams, Markov models (available in the TreeAge Pro Healthcare module) and multi-attribute models with sophisticated model building tools.  

Analyze models with a sophisticated set of analysis tools:

  • sensitivity analysis (1-, 2-, and 3-way analysis as well as tornado diagrams)
  • Monte Carlo simulation
  • Bayes' revision
  • threshold analysis
  • faster, more reliable dynamic links between TreeAge Pro and spreadsheets or database files
  • enhanced utility functions to measure risk aversion
  • expected monetary value, expected value of perfect information or certainty equivalent calculations

Communicate results with a variety of graphs, charts and reports:

  • eighteen built-in sampling distributions and customizable distributions
  • complete decision tree rollback information
  • single and comparative probability distribution graphs
  • financial, arithmetic, statistical, conditional and logical functions
  • strategy graphs displayed in presentation-quality output

TreeAge Pro Excel
Our new TreeAge Pro Excel Module provides a flexible and intuitive interface for linking TreeAge Pro models to one of the world's most popular spreadsheet programs: Microsoft Excel. Tight integration between the two products enables you to begin your modeling in either the TreeAge Pro or Excel environment. In addition, you can toggle back and forth between Excel and TreeAge Pro spending less time modeling and more time analyzing results.

Key Benefits

  • Enjoy tighter and more stable integration with Excel Easily leverage Microsoft Excel's powerful chart and graph capabilities Effortlessly navigate & manage large models with new searching, editing and debugging features Make changes quickly from either the spreadsheet or TreeAge Pro Create and manage bi-directional links from within Excel Export information within TreeAge Pro directly into Excel with greater ease
  • Automatically convert your Excel models into influence diagrams


TreeAge Pro Healthcare
The TreeAge Pro Healthcare Module integrates seamlessly with TreeAge Pro, adding Markov processes and cost-effectiveness analysis, functionality of critical importance in many healthcare decision models. The Healthcare module also adds functionality to TreeAge Pro's Monte Carlo simulation engine, in order to fully support Markov and cost-effectiveness models.

The Healthcare module is designed to meet the special needs of professionals and students in healthcare, health services research, and pharmacoeconomics. Although Markov and cost-effectiveness models are used primarily in health-related fields, the Healthcare module also has applications in other areas. Markov models can be used to represent and analyze the uncertainties found in complex and repetitive processes, such as systems maintenance and product marketing. Markov models can incorporate the changing states (conditions) of markets, physical plant, and communications/transportation infrastructure.

Cost-effectiveness analysis can be applied to a broad range of problems where the non-monetary benefits of various strategies must be balanced against their potential costs, taking into account available budgets. Examples include decisions about environmental disaster cleanup, protecting infrastructure against possible terrorist attack, and optimal use of military resources.

Key Benefits
  • Analyze potential changes in healthcare practices and priorities Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of complex treatments for multiple sub-populations Represent both short- and long-term diseases and interventions Communicate the relative benefits and risks of competing treatments
  • Simulate the uncertainty in costs and effects of treatments


  • Calculate survival using a state transition model, in order to determine expected cost and effectiveness. Run cohort analysis, generate survival curves, and run microsimulations. Analyze competing strategies' on the basis of cost and effectiveness, incremental cost-effectiveness, net health benefits, and net monetary benefits. Resample parameter values from historical data stored in tables, or from 18 continuous or discrete probability distributions. Reevaluate the tree using 1-, 2-, or 3-dimensional simulations with millions of iterations. Run lengthy simulations using multiple processors or a network of computers.
  • Display, print, and export a variety of text reports, histograms, scatter plots, bar graphs and more
TreeAge Pro Suite
TreeAge Pro Suite combines the power and functionality of TreeAge software modules, including:
  • All of the powerful modeling, analysis and reporting capabilities of our TreeAge Pro core module The advanced healthcare functionality of the TreeAge Pro Healthcare module - including powerful Monte Carlo simulation features and healthcare-specific charts and graphs
  • Tight integration with Excel software via TreeAge Pro Excel

TreeAge Pro Suite provides new base software and many common features and interface elements to speed your research and decision making. This release is a major step forward in fulfilling the TreeAge Software commitment to a flexible and productive analytical platform. TreeAge Pro Suite builds on the strengths of the individual products and enhances their ability to work together seamlessly.TreeAge Pro Suite is an integrated package optimized for pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, epidemiologists and others engaged in research and analysis in life sciences. The Suite delivers a complete and easy-to-use decision analysis solution for a variety of healthcare applications.

Key Benefits
Our state of the art TreeAge Pro Suite helps you:
  • Model and analyze complex healthcare decisions, incorporating uncertainty Understand healthcare tradeoffs, evaluating the cost-effectiveness of similar drugs and treatments Leverage Excel functionality, existing Excel models and data from spreadsheets and tables Export information from the TreeAge Pro Suite directly into Excel, and vice versa
  • Communicate your findings using healthcare-specific charts and graphs

The TreeAge Pro Suite provides the most advanced and comprehensive set of decision analysis tools for the healthcare industry, including:

  • Decision trees and influence diagrams Cost-effectiveness Markov modeling and analysis tools A full array of Monte Carlo simulation features, including a flexible algorithm and sensitivity analysis capabilities A multi-processor capability for handling complex models and long simulations A direct link to Excel spreadsheets, allowing speedy changes from within either the TreeAge Pro Suite or your spreadsheet
  • A full complement of tools for outcomes research and pharmacoeconomic modeling

TreeAge Pro Interactive

TreeAge Pro Interactive helps you create and distribute powerful decision analysis applications that can be used by almost anyone. With this software tool, you can embed any decision tree built with our TreeAge Pro software in an application of your own design - creating a decision analysis application that you can distribute via CD-ROM, a web site or your organization's intranet.
Key Benefits
With TreeAge Pro Interactive, you can use TreeAge Pro's powerful decision analysis features to create an automated decision support system, scientific research application, product marketing presentation or any other application to put sophisticated analytical tools into the hands of professionals working in any of a variety of fields and industries.
  • Simplify complex models for your audience, letting non-technical users evaluate models and analyses
  • Program models to run in ways not available in the base software - and speed up and automate complex, lengthy analyses
  • Build interactive web sites around a model
  • Customize the interface to target a particular audience
  • Easily create interactive end user models and distribute them to external audiences


  • Built around industry standard protocols with Active X technology Integrate TreeAge Pro models with websites, databases and custom applications Enable remote users to view a model, make changes to selected values and perform analyses Designed for multi-user environments including intranet, Internet and web servers
  • Explore a variety of different applications including dynamic treatment protocols, patient education models, pharmaceutical sales tools, public health guidelines, R&D portfolio analysis and much more.


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